Endorsements | 候选人推荐

Endorsements | 候选人推荐

Given that this year’s elections rest on a time as pivotal as UBC’s centennial anniversary and the completion of the new SUB AMS Student Nest and all the changes that will accompany it, the endorsements of this blog will be given on the basis of the ability of each candidate to not screw up, rather than their potential to do good. (For endorsement based on meticulous comparison of platform points more traditional assessment, try the Ubyssey.) We know that these qualities are often indistinguishable, as we do the fact that this criteria can sound a little harsh. Despite that this reasoning will probably lead to most of our endorsements going to incumbents and more experienced candidates, we’ll also try to give other reasons for supporting them as well.


Here we go:

President/主席-Aaron Bailey

We like Cheneil, but Aaron’s suggestion that AMS executives should attend club events on a weekly basis won us over.


VP Administration/行政副主席-Ava Nasiri

She never missed a single one of the AUS team’s dodgeball games. That’s a good reason for endorsing someone, right? Anyway, she’s the incumbent, and her idea of expanding student engagement with game nights in the Nest were pretty endearing, too.


VP Finance/财政副主席-Mateusz Miadlikowski

Also an incumbent, and one who has a competent track record.


VP External/外联副主席-Jude Crasta

Despite sharing Janzen’s view that there should be more competition for the VP External office, Jude is as close as one can get to a VPX incumbent, and we will endorse him on this basis, especially in a crucial time like this year.


VP Academic and University Affairs/学术以及大学事务副主席-Jenna Omassi

It’s not like we could endorse anyone else, could we? We think Jenna is a cool lady anyway. She runs Aus and doesn’t afraid of anything.


Senate/议会-Gurvir Sangha, Viet Vu, Eric Zhao, Marjan Hatai, & Ian Sapollnik

Just vote for these candidates, though Jenna will probably serve in the dual roles of VP Academic and Senator anyway. And yeah, Aaron will likely end up on there as well, but we believe a good president will not need to be on Senate himself to achieve good student representation. In any case, each constituency will elect an additional Senator right after the AMS election.


Board of Governors/董事会-Tanner Bokor & Veronica Knott

Representatives on the UBC Board of Governors require an extraordinary amount of experience, which both of these candidates have. Enough said.


Student Legal Fund Society-The Students for Accountability slate on principle, but…
学生法律资金会-原则上支持Students for Accountability

…we do believe that at least one candidate (the incumbent Janzen, in particular) from the other slate should be elected in order to diversify the SLFS, especially when literally everyone on Students for Accountability already works for (or in one case, runs) the AMS. This is a race where some chances can be taken, thanks to the SLFS’s more or less passive, periphery nature.

学生法律资金会每年向每个学生收一块钱,用来资助学生们法律上的需要。这次一边Students for Accountability全是现任AMS职员(整个外联部,主席本人,还有其他两位),另一边Students for Responsible Leadership则是现任该会主席Janzen Lee与一干兄弟会/姐妹会成员。因为资金会学生求助时才能发挥作用,所以不能拿政绩来衡量现任主席的作为。虽说Accountability党实力雄厚,但是博主觉得有必要把Janzen或者其他Responsible Leadership党员选上去,互相制衡。



AMS 2015换届选举 第三回:博主品酒问元宵 选手举杯话美食

AMS 2015换届选举 第三回:博主品酒问元宵 选手举杯话美食

昨晚博主循着SUB Gallery里飘来的酒香,撞进了由选举委员会举办的活动,蹭了一杯啤酒,便与候选人们聊了起来,内容除了选举本身还问了各位选手们春节期间干了什么,和最喜欢吃的东西。这两样事虽无足轻重,但也许会让各位看见候选人们更接近我等草民的一面。且看:


  • Aaron Bailey
    • 最喜欢吃正宗的泰国炒粉,中辣,加虾
    • 春节都用来准备期中考试了,不过在Snapchat上看了全球各地的庆祝活动
  • Cheneil Anthony-Hale
    • 最喜欢吃带碎花生的花生酱
    • 春节去open mic night演出了(这玩意中文叫啥?开麦夜?)

VP Administration

  • Ava Nasiri
    • 最喜欢吃妈妈做的饭
    • 参加了CSSA的春晚
  • Alex Remtulla
    • 最喜欢吃土豆泥
    • 春节和Faculty Cup队友们吃了早茶
  • James Jing (会说中文!)
    • 最喜欢吃寿司
    • 春节跟亲戚们吃猪肉芹菜饺子了

VP Finance

  • Mateusz Miadlikowski
    • 最喜欢吃任何韩国菜
    • 在除夕从纽约回到温哥华的飞机上喝啤酒
  • William Pigott
    • 没来

VP External

  • Jude Crasta
    • 最喜欢吃SUB楼下卖的奶酪汉堡
    • 春节去唐人街看游行了
  • Janzen Lee
    • 最喜欢吃披萨饼
    • 春节期间跑去UC Berkley看朋友,三十个人一起去了中餐馆

VP Academic and University Affairs

  • Jenna Omassi
    • 没来,也不需要来


  • Gurvir Sangha
    • 最喜欢在夏天吃撒了盐的西瓜
    • 在元旦那天策划在校园里放天灯,不过被消防局泼了一盆冷水
  • Eric Zhao
    • 最喜欢吃西班牙巧克力蛋糕
    • 春节期间吃了不靠谱地多的东西
  • Marjan Hatai
    • 各种橙子橘子通吃
    • 春节去拉斯维加斯玩了
  • Ian Sapollnik
    • 最喜欢吃牛油果
    • 春节和朋友们出去玩,吃了一个不知道什么馅的月饼
  • 其余议会候选人一个都没来…

Board of Governors

  • Veronica Knott
    • 最喜欢吃巧克力冰淇淋
    • 春节和朋友吃早茶去了
  • Julie Van De Valk
    • 最喜欢吃爆米花
    • 也去看春节游行了
  • Tanner Bokor
    • 没来,不过毕竟是现任主席,日理万机嘛

Student Legal Fund Society

  • 代表”Students for Accountability”党的 Kathleen Simpson
    • 最喜欢吃寿司,尤其是辣金枪鱼卷
    • 春节和家人坚持每周周末都吃早茶的习惯,据说已经吃了近20年…



(Probably) Exclusive: All-Candidate Speed-dating Field Report

(Probably) Exclusive: All-Candidate Speed-dating Field Report

Last night, the editor of this blog attended the moderately fun All-Candidate Speed-dating event hosted by AMS Elections. Though he did leave the Gallery with something like a love octagon, he also interviewed the candidates and compiled the following report. While it is likely markedly more informal compared to the other outlets’ coverage (not to mention, probably also garbled by the free beer courtesy of the election committee), we hope that it adds a more personal dimension to the candidates.

Presidential Candidates

  • Aaron Bailey
    • Your favorite Food: Absolutely loves medium spice pad thai with shrimp, but only from Thailand
    • Your favorite Game of Thrones theory and/or character: Bran, who will become the key to the next storyline and somehow let Jon and Daenerys know that they are the two heads of the dragon alongside Tyrion
    • What you did for Lunar New Year: Studied for a midterm, but watched festivities around the world on Snapchat
    • WHAT MAKES YOU THE BEST CANDIDATE: Has “the right blend of experience, creative ideas, and passion from his four years of involvement in student government. This allows him to understand the opportunities and limitations of the position in order to tackle timely and realistic goals during his term.”
    • General remarks: “I’m just really excited, regardless of the outcome of this election, because next year will be good for the AMS and change how the campus engages with each other on a personal level.”
  • Cheneil Anthony-Hale
    • Your favorite Food: Crunchy peanut butter
    • Your favorite Game of Thrones theory and/or character: Arya Stark
    • What you did for Lunar New Year: Planning for the campaign and played at an open mic night
    • WHAT MAKES YOU THE BEST CANDIDATE: Has “tangible and diverse campaign points instead of vague goals, and deals with real issues”
    • General remarks: “Vote for me because I give a damn.”

VP Administration

  • Ava Nasiri
    • Your favorite Food: Mom’s cooking
    • Your favorite Game of Thrones theory: Joffrey is the reincarnation of the devil.
    • What you did for Lunar New Year: Attended the Chinese Students and Scholars Association’s CNY Gala
    • WHAT MAKES YOU THE BEST CANDIDATE: “My experience allows me to think bigger and provide a higher level of service to students.”
    • General remarks: Is really excited and loves the opportunity to transform the position of VP Administration into one of student life and engagement
  • Alex Remtulla
    • Your favorite Food: Mashed potatoes, preferably with beef gravy
    • Your favorite Game of Thrones theory and/or character: Bronn
    • What you did for Lunar New Year: Had dim sum with Faculty Cup team
    • WHAT MAKES YOU THE BEST CANDIDATE: Has “worked in a lot of different groups and knows the needs of different populations on campus”
    • General remarks: “[I wear a toque when no one else does. I’m pretty happy to be the toque guy.]”
  • James Jing
    • Your favorite Food: Sushi
    • Your favorite Game of Thrones theory and/or character: Jon Snow
    • What you did for Lunar New Year: Had pork and celery dumplings with aunt
    • WHAT MAKES YOU THE BEST CANDIDATE: Can speak Chinese and is passionate
    • General remarks: “Get out of your comfort zone and vote for change!”

VP Finance

  • Mateusz Miadlikowski
    • Your favorite Food: Anything Korean
    • Your favorite Game of Thrones theory and/or character: Doesn’t watch, likes Breaking Bad though.
    • What you did for Lunar New Year: Had a beer on the plane back from New York
    • WHAT MAKES YOU THE BEST CANDIDATE: Has “experience, passion and knowledge of the AMS”
  • William Pigott
    • Didn’t show up.

VP External

  • Jude Crasta
    • Your favorite Food: Bacon cheeseburger from the Burger Bar
    • Your favorite Game of Thrones theory and/or character: Doesn’t watch, more of a House of Cards person
    • What you did for Lunar New Year: Went down to Chinatown for the parade
    • WHAT MAKES YOU THE BEST CANDIDATE: Has “lots of experience as the Associate VP External”
    • General remarks: “Don’t forget to vote for the transit referendum!”
  • Janzen Lee
    • Your favorite Food: Pizza
    • Your favorite Game of Thrones theory and/or character: Rhaegar is Jon’s dad, but Dany will sit on the Iron Throne
    • What you did for Lunar New Year: Visited friends at UC Berkley and ended up going to a Chinese restaurant with 30 of them
    • WHAT MAKES YOU THE BEST CANDIDATE: “Bring[s] outside perspective and contest to the VP External office, which despite working very hard is still not engaging students enough”
    • General remarks: Appreciates people taking his campaign seriously, acknowledges the hard work of the current VPX office but is glad that there is competition for it, but would appreciate better engagement with students

VP Academic and University Affairs

  • Jenna Omassi
    • Wasn’t there. Not like she needed to be, anyway.


  • Gurvir Sangha
    • Your favorite Food: Lightly salted watermelon in the summer
    • Your favorite Game of Thrones theory and/or character: Having only watched the show so far, thinks that Jon will succeed Mormont. Also likes Tyrion best, “because I believe he ultimately would be a good person if not for how awfully he has been treated since birth and the contempt his family has for him”.
    • What you did for Lunar New Year: “Tried to coordinate the tethering of sky lanterns around Martha Piper Plaza in conjunction with the Equity Office and Campus + Community Planning, but this was unfortunately nixed last minute by the Vancouver Fire Department”
    • WHAT MAKES YOU THE BEST CANDIDATE: “As the last remaining candidate that has sat on the Education Committee, I had the opportunity to participate in meetings regarding education and topics from the VP Academic’s office with two senators which I believe provide me with some beneficial experience others are lacking.”
    • General remarks: “I hope you’ll participate in the elections and had a happy Lunar New Year!”
  • Eric Zhao
    • Your favorite Food: Authentic Spanish coulant-a wonderful chocolate fudge cake sort of desert
    • Your favorite Game of Thrones theory and/or character: Doesn’t watch it, but thinks all the characters will end up dead
    • What you did for Lunar New Year: Had ridiculous amounts of food
    • WHAT MAKES YOU THE BEST CANDIDATE: Has “lots of experience in leadership roles within the Senate and SSC, including vice-chair of the Teaching-Learning Committee and chair of the SSC’s mental health working group. Is well versed in Senate procedure and student initiatives and eager to carry on the momentum of the previous year.” Oh, and he already has a degree.
  • Marjan Hatai
    • Your favorite Food: All sorts of oranges
    • Your favorite Game of Thrones theory and/or character: Doesn’t watch it, but has been meaning to
    • What you did for Lunar New Year: Had a fun time in Las Vegas
    • WHAT MAKES YOU THE BEST CANDIDATE: While everyone has interesting contributions, experience from running the referendum will show that she will put everything into the AMS
    • General remarks: Is excited to take part of a different part of student government and do stuff with lots of impact like Senate
  • Ian Sapollnik
    • Your favorite Food: Avocados
    • Your favorite Game of Thrones theory and/or character: Doesn’t watch
    • What you did for Lunar New Year: Went out with a couple of friends and had a mooncake with mysterious fillings
    • WHAT MAKES YOU THE BEST CANDIDATE: “Willingness and ability to connect with people and establish better communication & relations between the students and the Senate and improve communications… [Is] More concerned with what the students want over his own goals.”
  • The rest:
    • Didn’t show up. Margareta Dovgal in particular wanted to discuss buying my LSAT prep books but eluded me somehow.

Board of Governors

  • Veronica Knott
    • Your favorite Food: Chocolate ice cream
    • Your favorite Game of Thrones theory and/or character: Watches every other show but it
    • What you did for Lunar New Year: Went out for dim sum with a friend
    • WHAT MAKES YOU THE BEST CANDIDATE: Is “very approachable and friendly, loves to talk to people, and always down to hang out and have coffee”
    • General remarks: “Vote for me because I’m assertive and will be a good student representative!”
  • Julie Van De Valk
    • Your favorite Food: Popcorn
    • Your favorite Game of Thrones theory and/or character: Olenna Tyrell
    • What you did for Lunar New Year: Was at the downtown parade
    • WHAT MAKES YOU THE BEST CANDIDATE: Is “connected with a diverse group of students and able to represent them and advocate effectively”
  • Tanner Bokor
    • Probably was stuck upstairs working or something.

Student Legal Fund Society

  • Kathleen Simpson, representing the All-AMS Staff Students for Accountability slate
    • Your favorite Food: Sushi, spicy tuna roll in particular
    • Your favorite Game of Thrones theory and/or character: Likes House of Cards better, but thinks Gendry will make a reluctant but good king on the Iron Throne
    • What you did for Lunar New Year: Weekly dim sum with family
    • WHAT MAKES YOU THE BEST CANDIDATE: Is looking to make changes and put aside funds to use annually
    • BONUS QUESTION-What exactly is the SLFS? “It gets a dollar from every AMS member and is pretty much a legal reserve fund for students and provides legal support. For instance, it will do workshops on Freedom of Information acts next year.”
    • General remarks: “I’m excited to run in AMS elections for the first time.”
  • Students for Responsible Leadership Slate
    • Campaign Manager was not present.
A Quick Look at the Numbers So Far | 浅谈社交媒体战况

A Quick Look at the Numbers So Far | 浅谈社交媒体战况

While the other outlets following the election are sure to be doing in-depth, analytical coverage soon, we have gathered a set of numerical data which may or may not be correlated with the outcome of the election. Now that debates for most positions have taken place (and covered by the Ubyssey), voters have a better idea of what the candidates are like, and perhaps the numbers below will be more accurate. However, just as likely is the possibility that the support received by each candidate on social media is strictly a measure of their ability to rally friends to demonstrate it, having no connection to how many votes will be cast their way. After all, Harsev’s Facebook campaign of 2014 dwarfed Tanner’s–who ended up defeating him.


Without further ado, here are the numbers as of March 5th, 13:22:

Facebook Campaign Event Attendees/Total Invited


  • President 主席
    • Aaron Bailey: 654/2,800
    • Cheneil Anthony-Hale: 111/1,400
    • “V”: 87/463
  • VP Administration
    • Ava Nasiri: 140/1,200
    • Alex Remtulla: 198/1,700
    • James Jing: N/A
  • VP Finance
    • Mateusz Miadlikowski: N/A
    • William Pigott: N/A
  • VP Academic and University Affairs
    • Jenna Omassi: 260 “Likes” on page | 选举主页上有260个赞
  • VP External
    • Jude Castra: 102/1,000
    • Janzen Lee: 137/568
  • Board of Governors (in addition to Tanner)
    • Tanner Bokor: 86/421
    • Julie Van De Valk: 313/1,600
    • Veronica Knott: 283/1,000
  • Senate (in addition to Jenna and Aaron)
    • Viet Vu: 153/702
    • Gurvir Sangha: 325/2,300
    • Ian Sapollnik: 52/97
    • Margareta Doval: 48 “Likes” on page
    • The rest: N/A

We considered doing another tally for “Likes” on their profile pictures too, but ultimately deemed that too shallow.


In other news, this blog now has five actual articles to make it eligible for VFM! Remember to vote for us next week!


AMS 2015换届选举 第二回:急流勇退图董事 势如破竹取主席

AMS 2015换届选举 第二回:急流勇退图董事 势如破竹取主席




两名重量级候选人,现任主席Tanner Bokor与Arts牛人Marjan Hatai,分别退出了主席与外联副主席的选举!







On The Recent Withdrawals

On The Recent Withdrawals

Last night, halfway through the annual All-Presidents Dinner, the AMS Election Facebook page posted the following:

WithdrawalsThis, as everyone else has noted, is a game changer. The effect of Marjan’s withdrawal is simple enough; it leaves Jude, who is in the traditional position to succeed his boss, one competitor instead of two. However, Janzen Lee is not to be underestimated, since he is after all the president of the Student Legal Fund Society (as little known as it may be) and involved in Greek life. Rohan Nuttall’s withdrawal is of little consequence, since it was clear that, after Harsev and Christopher Roach’s earlier equally game-changing withdrawals, Tanner and Veronica would dominate the Board of Governors race.

(For a recap on who’s who, refer to our Candidate Roster.)

However, Tanner’s own withdrawal may have ramifications than immediately apparent. While a considerable portion of other speculation believes that it clears the way for Aaron’s ascent, we for one believe that it benefits Cheneil as much as it does Aaron, if not more so. The removal of such a powerful, prominent, and not to mention incumbent opponent allows less established candidates more opportunities to make themselves known. And with such a strong and well-supported movement–feminism–behind her, Cheneil might surprise us in the next two weeks. But we’re not saying we endorse her, or anyone else, yet.

(As for the mysterious masked stranger, we can only hope that he does as well as Jon Snow of last year.)

Verdict: The election, as it is now, isn’t that uncompetitive. Except for BoG. And Aaron shouldn’t relax just yet, especially if Cheneil takes advantage of the situation. The dress is black and blue. Vote for our blog at Votermedia!

AMS 2015换届选举 第一回: 十余诸侯显身手 双语博主话纵横

AMS 2015换届选举 第一回: 十余诸侯显身手 双语博主话纵横




这首《临江仙》乃博主一时兴起,匆忙之作,论通顺、工整、措辞皆不是什么拿的上台面的东西,笑笑就罢。但“分久必合,合久必分”这个道理贯彻着的不仅是历史,也在UBC Alma Mater Society(简称AMS)一年一度的换届选举中体现了出来。随着现任主席、副主席与一众其他干部的毕业、隐退、衰弱乃至进一步的上升,每年的选举也能引来诸多UBC的有为青年们来跃跃欲试。有人问AMS职位有什么好的,引来那么多人抢?这是因为跟大家更熟悉的国内的学生会相比,这里的学生会自由度高很多、影响力也大很多,资金当然也多很多。比如说,主席不仅有自己在新SUB的办公室,三天两头接见校长、政要,权利和各种福利也不在话下,但每年还能拿四五万的工资!作为一个在读本科学生来说,这当然是很有吸引力的了。



  • Tanner Bokor-当今圣上,从副副主席到副主席,去年又当上了主席,按部就班地爬上来的
  • Aaron Bailey-Science本科协会(SUS)主席,现任议会成员,还干过一堆别的事,挺牛的
  • Cheneil Anthony-Hale-女权俱乐部社长,之前没有参与过AMS
  • 不明身份的面具男-穿着斗篷和面具出现在候选人大会,然而博主已经看穿了他的身份…


VP Administration/行政副主席-负责社团和新SUB:

  • Ava Nasiri-现任,伊朗美女,去年还找CSSA拉过票
  • Alexander Remtulla-在Arts本科协会(AUS)似乎混过一两年
  • James Jing-一切不明,无论是脸书还是人人上都没有关于他的信息

VP Finance/财政副主席-负责预算、经费:

  • Mateusz Miadlikowski-现任,去年也找CSSA拉过票
  • William Pigott-Sauder本科协会(CUS)的某个副主席

VP External/外联副主席-负责与大学以外的关系:

  • Jude Castra-现任外联副副主席,看样子是要接替上司了?
  • Marjan Hatai-也在AUS里混过
  • Janzen Lee-那啥Student Legal Fund Society的主席

VP Academic and University Affairs/学术以及大学事务副主席:

  • Jenna Omassi-现任AUS主席,除非作大死,不然赢定了

Board of Governors/UBC董事会学生代表-负责UBC一切非学术事务(学费啊什么的):

  • Harsev Oshan-目前唯一有中文名字的候选人,去年曾经问鼎主席的兄弟会大佬,AUS前主席,什么事都掺和过度UBC名人–黑傲山是也!


  • Tanner Bokor-同上
  • Julie Van de Valk-貌似很关心环境
  • Rohan Nuttall-没听说过,得罪了
  • Veronica Knott-工程本科协会(EUS)主席,还是该系少有的妹子


  • Aaron Bailey-现任,同上
  • Anne Kessler-现任学术副主席及议会学生代表,还是主席的女朋友
  • Eric Zhao-现任
  • Gurvir Sangha-现任,也是一个小有名气什么都掺和的家伙
  • Hannah Xiao-看姓氏是同胞?
  • Jenna Omassi-同上
  • Margareta Dovgal-给Anne打工的女权俱乐部发起人之一
  • Marjan Hatai-同上
  • Viet Vu-温哥华经济学院本科协会(VSEUS)主席,也是一牛人,据说还有第二人格?
  • Niloufar Keshmiri-不认识,不好意思
  • Ian Sapollnik-也不认识,真对不起